Why Turkey?

Why Turkey? That's always the first response from someone when they hear that you are going to Turkey. Hidden in that simple question are a host of other questions, such as:

'Isn't Turkey a dangerous country, particularly for Americans?',
'Isn't the food really strange and the water not drinkable?', and
'What is there to see and do in Turkey?'

So--why did we decide to go to Turkey? Simply, the reasons we chose to see Turkey are its place in world history and in the world today. If any place is the cradle of civilization, it must be Turkey. In Turkey, they speak not of civilization, but of civilizations! Civilizations arose, spread, subsided, and were replaced by others time after time with influences from the East, West, North, or South. Today, Turkey seems to be very much a westward looking nation, but one with deep roots in Asia and Islam. Turkey really is a bridge between the East and the West.

Is Turkey dangerous? Well, I was a little nervous about earthquakes, but no more so than when I am in San Francisco. Is the food strange? No, but it is really good. Roasted meats, lots of, cheese, fresh, crisp vegetables, and sweets. Is the water safe to drink? Well, no. Everyone drinks bottled water and getting it is no problem. What is there to see and do in Turkey? Plenty--just follow the links below to get an idea of a few of the things we did.

The best first response to the 'Why Turkey?' question is 'Why not Turkey?'

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This scrap book is of our trip with Rick Steves, Europe Through the Back Door, in October 2003. The tour was led by Lale and Tankut who own SRM Travel.