Tallinn--Helsinki--St. Petersburg

A Brief Photo-Tale of our Journey to the Baltics

Carol and I have always wanted to go to St. Petersburg.  As experienced Rick Steve's travelers, we jumped at the chance to go on one of his first tours to the Baltics, primarily to see St. Petersburg.  We knew the tour would be great and certainly were not disappointed.

St. Petersburg was amazing, as we knew it would be.  What we were not prepared for, though, is how great Tallinn is!  It's a medieval jewel, as quaint and beautiful as its many European rivals to the south.  We have been to Helsinki before, but in our two days there, we saw and enjoyed some new sites and got to appreciate it a little more.

In the following, I'll keep my words to a minimum, show you what I think are some nice photos, and try to give a sense of our experiences from Tallinn to Moscow.  (We added Moscow on our own, using a Rick Steves recommended agent  to book our train and other transportation.)